Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I think my mannequin needs to see an orthopedist or physical therapist. Not because it is missing a lot of body parts, but because the posture is horrible. Gives me back pain just thinking about posing like that. And did you know how hard it is to find a mannequin that looks like a normal person?

Oh well. At least it looks better to have clothes on a mannequin than on a hanger. Even though I thought my hanger was really nice. Did I mention that taking pictures isn't my strong suit?

My husband asked if I was going to go back to the store for more body parts so it would at least have arms. I'm thinking about it. While it would make it harder to dress with arms, then maybe the shoulders wouldn't be uneven.


  1. I recently got a torso to take pictures of my work, and the pose is a little unusual on mine too! I also got arms, but don't think they enhance the image that much. I also added an 'extender' to make the torso higher, so I could display dresses, skirts and pants... much cheaper than buying a full mannequin!

  2. Yes, having it on a stand helps. I found some extra firm shoulder pads and it helps the shape.