Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some things work better than others

Well, I got a larger pan so I could use my Tjaps. When I heated them in the wax some stuff came off. It looked like rust. But since they are made of copper, I didn't figure that was it. But then I realized that it would still have some residue of wax on it. So that must be what was coming off. Some of the videos I looked at showing how they are used, the wax looks rather brown. They may add resin to the wax mix also. Oh well.

But the batik using the cookie cutters works well. There is a huge variety of ones you can get. The picture today is one where I'm partway through doing a shirt with some flowers and butterflies. It is being dyed now. I think it'll be cute.
A scarf I dyed today I'm not sure of. It isn't my choice of colors. But I'm trying to do colors that aren't only what I like.

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