Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday I took a class at the Textile Center of MN titled "Variations on a Theme: Shibori". It was interesting and useful. There are some things that are hard to pick up from books. And talking to others gives you new ideas and ways of doing things. And of course, prompts you to use different color combinations.

The picture is of two of the scarves I, before ironing. The purple one was braided with two others and dyed. The other two I am dying a second time. One braided with itself, the other twisted.

The green one was folded and clamped between some washers. The washers keep the dye from getting to part of the fabric. you can use all sorts of shapes, as long as they don't absorb the dye or rust. They also need to be relatively rigid. How they are folded will also affect the spacing & result.

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