Saturday, June 12, 2010

It turned out well

We had rain for a couple days so I've had more time to prepare shirts and dye them. I'm really happy how the 2 shirts I had done with the Mokume Shibori technique turned out. The colors and texture are really nice. That is what is in the pictures.

The stars and stripes ones also turned out the way I had in mind.

The small alphabet stamps for batik aren't going to work. I wanted to use some smaller letters, but the wax spreads too much, it doesn't look the way I want. Perhaps I'll try with different temps of wax. I need different burners to heat my wax. I use one of those portable burners since I work in the basement area. It runs a bit hot, even on the lowest setting. I'm using soy wax and it melts at a lower temp. But from reading the instructions of how to get out traditional batik wax, which is a mix of paraffin & beeswax, I'll figure out what works best for the soy.

Soy wax can be washed out in hot water & detergent. It's like a harder vegetable shortening (looks like Crisco but firmer). Since the temps used are lower it's also less likely you'll burn yourself.

To get out paraffin and beeswax the item has to be boiled in water and then cooled so the wax can be skimmed off. It used to be you could take it to the dry cleaner and they could get it out. But the chemical they used was 'kind of' toxic and not very many places use it any longer.

You can get soy wax for making candles also, it gives off less soot.

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