Monday, June 21, 2010

Dog pics

Yesterday I was able to 'borrow' 2 dogs to model dog t-shirts for me. The one didn't seem happy to be wearing a shirt. You know how they kind of duck their head down and look at you like you've just been yelling at them. The other one didn't seem to mind wearing it. It was just a challenge to get it on him. Good thing their person dressed them.

But they look really cute in the t-shirts. And they didn't even try to chew on them.
Of course I didn't get nearly enough shots. I'm so new at taking photos for marketing instead of for just me to look at. I forget to look at what is in the background. And how many shots I have of the left side compared to the right side. But I still got some good ones.

And it was kind of nice that my husband was wearing a shirt that matched the dogs' shirts.


  1. Are you saying that your business is going to the dogs? :)

  2. Yes, but that is probably an improvement. Besides, I figure you are just jealous. I have dogs on my blog, you have racoons.
    We won't mention the squirrels I evicted from Mom's attic a while ago.