Monday, February 7, 2011


The shows aren't too often this time of year. I'll be in one on Saturday. I hope you can make it.

It's a fundraiser for the Barton Open School at 4237 Colfax Ave S, Minneapolis from 9am to 4pm More info is here.

All items are handmade and will have a wonderful assortment including phtotography, jewelty, clothing, wall and garden art, handmade crayons, terrariums and other items.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tjap stamp

This is the latest try with my copper tjap. I'm getting better at it.

I got it pretty warm, I want to make sure it doesn't hold on to too much wax. But I want the wax to flow back off the tjap when I stamp the shirt. It worked well to have the piece of felt in my wax tray to limit the amount of wax the tjap was dipped in.

Having a padded board (wrapped in plastic) underneath made a difference. Since the tjap isn't completely flat the padding helped compensate.

The dye isn't as even as I wanted, though. I got some magenta areas. And I filtered it twice. A person on Paula Burch's forum mentioned that they use one of those durable metal coffee filters to filter the dye. I think I'll give that a try. It should stay in place better then the round, flat one in a funnel that I'm using now.