Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tjap stamp

This is the latest try with my copper tjap. I'm getting better at it.

I got it pretty warm, I want to make sure it doesn't hold on to too much wax. But I want the wax to flow back off the tjap when I stamp the shirt. It worked well to have the piece of felt in my wax tray to limit the amount of wax the tjap was dipped in.

Having a padded board (wrapped in plastic) underneath made a difference. Since the tjap isn't completely flat the padding helped compensate.

The dye isn't as even as I wanted, though. I got some magenta areas. And I filtered it twice. A person on Paula Burch's forum mentioned that they use one of those durable metal coffee filters to filter the dye. I think I'll give that a try. It should stay in place better then the round, flat one in a funnel that I'm using now.

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