Wednesday, May 30, 2012


More Trains.  Yes, I like trains.  My Grandfather worked for Burlington Northern, previously Great Northern, for about 40 years and my Dad is an enthusiast.  So I have to do trains. 

Trains are also good for both girls and boys clothes.  I don't find so many cute boys clothes I like and I'm not so big on ruffles and princesses for girls.

Of course it is also cute when the little one can match the grown up.  The husband of a friend of mine got a Pirate vs Ninja shirt from me and their nephew wanted one just like it.  I don't think it mattered what the shirt looked like, the boy just wanted a shirt just like his uncle's.  Since the stencil is one I did it was easy enough to cut a smaller version. 

And where else would you put the caboose but on the backside of a shirt?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Swede Hollow Show

This coming Saturday I'll be at the Swede Hollow Art in the Hollow show.  In addition to the artists that are showing there will be a lot of music throughout the day as well as artists painting and working on other art.  Last year one artist was working on his clay creations and another was demonstrating basket weaving.  I'm interested to see the booth of the person that has science fiction robots and ray guns.  I can't really dye items at the park, but it will be fun to watch others make their art.

The park is lovely and the artists and organizers were fun to meet last year.  I hope to see you there.

Swede Hollow Park is in St. Paul just east of Lowertown and northeast of the 35E & I94 interchange.  Check out the link above, search on 720 Payne Avenue, click here or a map here.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Cripes, how did I forget to post this.  I'll blame being busy in the basement making a lot of new items.

I'll be at Craftstravaganza on Saturday at the St Paul Fairgrounds from 10 to 5.  There are about 150 vendors there this year so expect a lot to look at.

If you are there early you may get a swag bag that will be just bursting with fun stuff.