Wednesday, May 30, 2012


More Trains.  Yes, I like trains.  My Grandfather worked for Burlington Northern, previously Great Northern, for about 40 years and my Dad is an enthusiast.  So I have to do trains. 

Trains are also good for both girls and boys clothes.  I don't find so many cute boys clothes I like and I'm not so big on ruffles and princesses for girls.

Of course it is also cute when the little one can match the grown up.  The husband of a friend of mine got a Pirate vs Ninja shirt from me and their nephew wanted one just like it.  I don't think it mattered what the shirt looked like, the boy just wanted a shirt just like his uncle's.  Since the stencil is one I did it was easy enough to cut a smaller version. 

And where else would you put the caboose but on the backside of a shirt?


  1. I love these, Kim! I'm a railroad brat... 3 generations of my family worked for Southern Pacific, so I love all things RR! Great idea to match up adult/kid shirts, and the caboose is perfect!

  2. Thanks. I also like how the colors I like the mottled look.

    And I know someone that could hook you up with a train shirt of your very own :)