Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm not the kind of person that takes a lot of snapshots. So having to photograph the items I'm making is hard. Of course, I don't want people to think I just casually leave clothes laying around the house. I go more for neat and tidy, not stylized. And I even used to work in a retail clothing store.

But I won't post the photos I think are really lame. I'm trying to post what I think turned out well.

Today's post has a picture of a shirt that is partially done. I did the batik part to put the stars on the shirt, I just need to dye it. I only have 2 waxed though. I like to do a few at a time, so I'm not running the washing machine with just one or two items in it.

I also need to remember to take pictures of a shirt that I'm sewing up for the Mokume style shibori so I can show the steps.

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