Thursday, June 10, 2010

Copper Tjaps

Well, I splurged. Dharma Trading got in some copper Tjaps in. Compare to rubber stamps for ink - but are used for wax for batik. It's another way to get wax on your fabric. So I managed to get a couple. There are other places on the web to get them, but the price is good and I trust Dharma since I've ordered from them before. They are really clear on what you are getting and how to use it. If you do much dyeing, fabric painting, etc., you should check them out. They even have a sense of humor.

So when they come in I'll post of a pic of them. And of course I'll have to practice using them. So far my batik has been using paint brushes or cookie cutters. Did you know cookie cutters work pretty well to do batik? That is what I use for the stars on the t-shirt below. I got a few different sizes and sets. I'm going to try with an alphabet set also. You should see my test t-shirts, they are quite 'decorated'. Of course, they also have a lot of paint samples on them since, when I'm painting a room, I think wiping my fingers on my t-shirt is easier than getting a paper towel.

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