Thursday, July 1, 2010

A few posts ago I mentioned that cookie cutters work well to use with batik. Since I'm not so good at drawing - you should see my handwriting - shapes allow me to do cleaner, finer work. Then the shape of the flower is closer to what I was expecting. Although with batik it still doesn't always come out how you expect. Often there will be a bit more wax on one part of the shape than elsewhere. But then if you wanted it to be perfectly even you would go to the store and buy it.

I'd like some more cookie cutters, but can't find what I want at the stores around town. Of course, you can buy all sorts of cookie cutters online, has dozens of designs. I haven't ordered from them before, so I can't vouch, but I'm certainly contemplating.

But when I mentioned it to my husband, he found me some instructions on how to make some of my own. Instructables has some info on making some.
This video shows someone making a much more detailed cutter. And he seems to have tools most of us don't. You could probably find another tool around the house to stand in, they just won't be quite as easy to use. I'll have to give it a try and see what I can make.


  1. I have tried cookie cutters, but find them awkward to hold on to when I dip in the wax. Did you use any tools (pliers, clamps, etc) to hold them? The gal I learned how to batik from had a number of stamps made with removable handles that could be screwed in... very easy to use!

  2. They don't normally get too hot. I have the soy wax a bit cooler perhaps.
    Plastic ones work pretty well also, I haven't had any melt. And they don't transfer the heat to you.