Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For Batik I'm finding I prefer using a paintbrush over the tjanting. It's easier for me to get an even, consistant amount of wax on the shirt. Most likely, it's operator issues rather than the tjanting.

You have to try a few brushes to see what you like better. The ones sold singly at the craft store are working better for me. They need to have enough bristles to pick up enough wax. But not too 'fat' that they hold too much wax. They are also avail in different shapes and firmness. More firm works better for me.
Since I'm using stencils for some designs, it helps mask off areas I don't want wax on, a stencil brush works well. But I don't like the foam stencil tool.
One called a Filbert is nice also. It tapers a bit, but is squared across the end. A teardrop shape can help for finer details.

Rather than dipping the brush in a pot of wax, I like using my flat tray. I have a piece of craft felt folded double and it helps work like a stamp pad. I can pick up a consistant amount of wax and don't need to 'tap off' or wipe a bit of the wax off the brush.

The tjanting is nice for doing circles as drops of wax are really easy for me to do. Perhaps I should take up polka dot painting.

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