Monday, July 12, 2010


Here are some of the shirts that were in the buckets in the last picture. The colors and patterns turned out really well. Hmm, did you notice it is also my new banner for my Etsy store? Well, the store name does have the word color in it.
I just love the way the shirts turn out using the Mokume technique. The pattern is so interesting.

I'm also looking at everything I would need to do & have to do a show. I have quite the list of things I would need. Unfortunately, the tent my SIL could loan me isn't the kind that would work well for a craft show.
But I have my MN tax ID# and can now legally collect and pay MN sales tax. Yippee? Kind of. But I'm legal. I'm sure my Mom is proud of me, or at least glad she won't read about me in the paper for Bad Things. When I 'went out into the world' she gave me the advice that if it was something I don't want her to find out about, maybe I shouldn't do it.

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