Friday, July 9, 2010

Look at all the pretty colors

Wandering through the aisles of a big box hardware store/lumberyard is good. You never know what kind of useful items you'll find. I found a bunch of buckets for $1 each. Although one of the buckets had a leak. A bucket has one simple job to do and it failed at it. Oh well, it holds my tools and batik shapes now.

This way I can do several different colors at one time. I know, I could do them all the same color in a large bucket. But I didn't want to. Not today.

Did you know you can hang buckets from your pegboard? Useful when you don't have a very large work counter for storage.

Dad found some nice larger plastic trays at one of the other stores. They would work well for dyeing a few shirts in a batch.


  1. Hi,
    How do you hang the buckets from pegboard? Are you putting the handles through the pegboard hooks or something else? We've been using bungee cords around small wastebaskets but the bucket approach sounds interesting.

  2. I use the rounded pegs, the ones that are a bit more than a semicircle, so the bucket handle doesn't slide off.
    Also, I only hang buckets that don't weight very much. I have a few buckets with my cookie cutter and other shape collections.
    It would be good for a lego assortment.