Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another try

Some more practicing with a tjap. This try is better, not such huge wax globs. I have a small cookie sheet - like the size for a toaster oven - that I'm using to hold the wax. Then a piece of craft felt that is folded double fills half of it. The felt works like an ink pad. It lets me get a smaller amount of wax because I'm not dipping the tjap in the wax so far. Trying to shake off the extra wax doesn't work so well for me, I don't want to fling wax all over my basement.

For the next try, I'll figure out a way to have a slightly padded surface for the fabric. I think the tjap is slightly uneven. Most tjaps available had been used for many years. Or at least the ones with prices I'm willing to pay.

I still need to play with making some shapes myself. I got a piece of sheet metal at the hardware store. It should be a nice thickness to use.

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