Monday, July 19, 2010


In this picture you can more easily see how I do the stitching for Mokume Shibori. If the stitches line up too much, the pattern is more like stripes and has less 'texture'. Too much variation and I don't like the way it looks that way either. I like it when there are sections of each, but I keep the sections small.

I've also found that if you pull up the thread while you go, it's hard to keep from getting the stitches from lining up vertically. I'll pull it up some, so I don't use 14 spools of thread on a larger garment. But not too much.

I like to use a colored thread so it is easier to see the previous rows. Black is nice because then you can still see it after it's been dyed. But the blue thread was on sale at the fabric outlet and it's heavier than normal thread. For me, it works better to use upholstery or button thread. Broken threads when trying to pull it tight do not make me happy.

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