Thursday, December 6, 2012


These pictures are all of the same silk scarf, but at different steps. 

First, I stretched it on the frame and painted it with red dye.  Then I painted some free form lines with black.  You can see in the first picture how defined the lines are. 

The second picture shows how diffuse the lines became with the salt pulling the dye.

And the scarf after steam setting the dye and washing it.  I'm really happy how this turned out.  Red dye doesn't move much with the salt, but the black does.


  1. Beautiful, Kim! Were you using Procion MX, or another kind of dye for this?

  2. It is Jacquard Red Label, steam set. I haven't tried salt with Procion MX yet. Have you?

  3. I have tried salt with Procion MX... got some speckling, but it was my first try. I haven't had the courage to try any other dyes... will have to look into the Jacquard Red Label.
    Thanks for the info!