Sunday, October 21, 2012


Another Arashi Shibori tied scarf.  This one in soft rayon dyed forest green.


  1. Kim, do you ever over-dye to cover the white? I have seen other Arashi that is not white in the background, and assumed that the Arashi was done over a pre-dyed item. I just tried it on a silk scarf, and the darker overdye totally washed out. I'm wondering if I did the pole wrap dye first, then washed and started over with a lighter color overdye, if it would work... let me know if you've tried this, okay?

  2. I haven't tried it, but I know both are good ways to do it.
    I've also seen using a black scarf, discharging then dyeing. Either rewrapping in between and not.
    Have you seen the work that Glennis Dolce does at
    She has wonderful colors and textures. I think for some of them she rewraps after dyeing then just sets the pleats.
    I would love to take her in studio workshop on Arashi just to see how she wraps. But she is in California and we're saving our pennies to buy a new house.

  3. I have followed Glennis off and on for several years, even took one of her on-line classes in silk dyeing. I am trying another experiment today starting with an undyed scarf, using the darker color first. Then I may use a dyebath for the undyed part... that might work! I'm really not trying for pleats, just the patterns. I'll see how this works - thanks!