Friday, October 19, 2012


I've been busy in the basement.  These two are Arashi Shibori scarves.  Where I wrap them around a pole like a candy cane, wrap string around to hold in place, scrunch it down to the end of the pole and dye.  The string both holds it in place and creates the pattern.

These were wrapped the same and in the same dye bath.  The one on the right is a soft, looser weave, rayon scarf.  It compresses more so has wider stripes of white.  The one on the left is silk crepe de chine, which doesn't compress as much so the amount of white is smaller.  And the color is a bit different because one is silk and one rayon.


  1. Nice, Kim! I have been meaning to get some rayon scarves to play with... this is a good comparison between fibers, color-wise. Are you using soda ash to pre-soak both, or do you use another mordant for the silk?

  2. I use soda ash with fiber reactive. (I'm sure you know) but soak the pole in soda ash water before putting in the dye. Otherwise the dye will travel into the folds a lot more.
    I really like the lightweight rayon scarves. They have a softer drape than the 'normal' rayon fabric. And they compress better since they're loftier so Arashi and Itijime work better.