Monday, August 2, 2010


This is a picture of the shirt from the last post. One of the differences with soy wax over traditional wax is you don't get the crackle look as much. But it does cover nicely, when you remember to check the back.

Scraping off a bit more wax for the veins of the leaves worked well. It's more noticable on this shirt.

This one goes to Mom. I found some nice white tshirts at Land's End that will fit her and worked well for experimenting. My husband has only a couple plain white shirts left. Those computer ones he got work really well for practicing on also. Check out the thrift store and use what you can find. You can also dye colored shirts, it just won't be quite so dramatic. The tablecloth I used for the craft show yesterday was gray and I overdyed it with blue.

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