Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Another example of when wax doesn't soak all the way through the fabric and the differences between different kinds of fabric. It wasn't a problem since this was a practice piece. But still, you want your project to turn out well.

It's pretty obvious from the back side that I needed to wax the back also. It's kind of interesting how the back of the fabric dyed but the front didn't. Normally, the dye will get a lot more even front and back, but perhaps not so solid on the fabric where I didn't wax well enough. But since this was a heavier canvas fabric it is quite different on both sides.

The splotchiness of the dye is because I didn't stir it much while it sat. Some of it was above the dye bath. And the green marks from a previous practice/test session of trying out painting with thickened dye. I still need to remember to do something with my sodium alginate solution. Last I looked at it, it wasn't too bad.

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