Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Amber waves

A new color from Dharma Trading, Amber Waves.  Similar to Palamino gold but with just a little more orange tint to it, a little warmer.  I know I could mix my own colors, but I'm not as interested in that as the designs on the fabric.

This is a silk scarf that was folded in thirds the long way then wrapped Arashi style on the pole.


  1. Beautiful! And thanks for showing a new color... I still need to try the Palomino Gold, which has been on the shelf in my studio for a couple of months. But I think I will put the Amber Waves on my list for the next order... yummy!

  2. Thanks
    I really like both colors, but they're so similar. I think I'll stick with Palamino Gold since I don't have as many 'cool' colors as I do 'warm'.
    Since I'm not into mixing colors I have quite a few jars on my shelves already.