Saturday, September 24, 2011


Not too exciting, just a piece of canvas.  But it is pretty.  And interesting how the patten came out different on each side.  The orientation is the same in both photos. 

Just used the normal tray, swished it a few times and turned it over once or twice.  Since the canvas is so thick the dye doesn't soak through, it just sits on the surface.  It unravelled on the edges a bit while in the washer and the threads are still white on the side that was 'inside' of the weave.

It is going to become a tote bag for my display brackets.  Hmmm, I think the only other tote bag that doesn't have a logo of some sort on it is another one I made out of a lighter weight canvas I was testing.


  1. I love the patterns you got! How long did you batch it? And did you do anything different than you would have for other fabrics? I would love to see a photo of the finished tote when you make it.

  2. I soaked it in the dye for about 30 min, then leaft it for a day after adding soda ash. Since I dye in the basement I can leave the trays around for a while without them getting in the way.
    I should have it sewn in a couple days. I have a show on Sat and it would be useful for the brackets.
    (Have you had problems posting comments to your own site? Cripes.)