Sunday, April 3, 2011


Look, different colors.

I really like how bronze looks on silk. It doesn't have much color shifting either, it's pretty consistent.
The stitching on the bronze one is Miru Shibori. Instead of using one thread to go the length of the fabric and connecting all of the circles, I stitched and tied off each half circle (the fabric was folded in half) independently. You can see how much clearer the circles are at the center.

Compare the bronze one to the purple sample. The stitching where they're touching isn't as distinct as it is at the outside. The fabric is compressed differently depending on how the threads are run. The purple is closer to Karamatsu Shibori.


  1. love these! I'm kind of obsessed with sewing circles myself! It's interesting how different they look depending on whether you use one layer of fabric or two and how many rings you sew and the spacing between them. I love the patterns that develop between the rings.

  2. Thanks. I have a few other practice pieces with circles. One of the posts I'm going to do is on one where I didn't get the 'puffs' of fabric pulled loose very well. And who knew what a difference sewing technique makes when it is just one thread.