Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Cripes, how did I forget to post this.  I'll blame being busy in the basement making a lot of new items.

I'll be at Craftstravaganza on Saturday at the St Paul Fairgrounds from 10 to 5.  There are about 150 vendors there this year so expect a lot to look at.

If you are there early you may get a swag bag that will be just bursting with fun stuff. 


  1. Kim, it was very nice to meet you at the show yesterday. I love my shirt, and cannot wait to wear it today. Do you have a business Facebook page? Take care nd I hope to keep intouch with you through www.creativechickscafe.com
    Patty Sullivan

  2. Glad to hear you like it. It is such fun to do, so when other people like how it turned out it is great.

    I only sort of do Facebook, as Kim Barron.

    I will keep in touch and will probably see Pam at other shows.

  3. Hi Kim :) I'm wearing one of your shirts today; the one with the frozen process!!! It was such a pleasure meeting you and Greg! You have so much energy and talent and your work is beautiful!! I love your pattern creations and color selections! I hope to meet up with you again at another show! Take care and keep in touch!

    Pam vincent :)

  4. Thanks.

    Also thank you for the info about the other shows. It is hard when starting out to figure out what shows will be a good match for my work.

    And keep a good eye out for spiders.